Thursday, December 4, 2014 clone

I kind of want to attempt to clone and its features. Especially the draw service. I could do the programs pretty easily. Demonstrating provable random sources is the tough part is cool too

Monday, October 6, 2014

Catch Phrase Clone

I decided about a year ago to create an electronic game which is inspired by Catch Phrase with a vibe of Cards Against Humanity. The premise being an offensive word or phrase comes up on a screen and you have to describe the word without using the phrase.

I will be documenting my efforts here.


LED Buttons

I am using the adafruit buttons listed here in various colors. The diameter is 16mm




Wednesday, July 16, 2014

DNS and No-IP takedown

I finally hit the point where I was forced to learn something about domains and how dns works.
No-IP had a ton of their domains seized by Microsoft and as a result my dynamic dns stopped working. I used a domain for years as a dynamic dns redirect. Used this for my openvpn and lots of other stuff. I have had sitting around for a while and not using it. As a result I started using free dns from to make it work. Now I was able to create cnames which point to this blog hosted by Google!

I went to, set up an account. Told it my domain,

I then went to my domain registrar, gave it the nameservers for afraid's servers. made an A record for with my external IP from my ISP. Then I updated my DDNS with my router to update on afraid. I also was able to finish Hurricane electric's IPv6 certification because I was able to make MX records and AAAA records for ipv6 web (see and ipv6 email (no longer using because I don't actually want to run a mail server).

DNS is pretty cool and pretty well documented out in the world. Just took me the kick in the pants to learn it.