Friday, July 5, 2013

Spokane Transit Authority

The south hill is a very nice place for Spokane. The houses up in the hill are well maintained and the general opinion is that the snobs live up here. Also those who do not wish to live in many of the more crime ridden portions of town. This is the reason my wife and I decided on this area
I have been riding the bus for a month now as a means to avoid the mass of traffic commuting down the hill. It has been very convenient as a bus stop exists five houses from our home. Due to the nature of this neighborhood, the clientele on the 6:55AM city loop from 29th Ave to the STA plaza is made up of commuters.
A man just got on the bus. He is carrying a green grocery bag from Super One Foods. It is obvious that he hasn't just woken up and is on his way home to consume his purchase. Based on the shape and silhouette of the bag, it would appear he has obtained a forty ounce beer.
The forty is a unique beverage choice for a number of reasons. Firstly it is seven in the morning in a Tuesday which carries its own set of issues. It also is a specific quantity of beer which ensures the goal of the drinker isn't just trying to enjoy a delicious malt beverage on a hot day (which the news promises to be over one hundred degrees). If one simply wanted a cold beer to quench their thirst, almost any beer is a better alternative and is likely of a reasonable quantity not to inebriate you. The goal of the forty beer is to get you drunk.
Alcoholism isn't something to laugh about but it gives an insight into some of the issues one might have on the bus. Riders who are drunk or on drugs can make the experience less than desirable. Even those just exposed to lifestyles connected with these issues seem to have less ability to cohabitate with their fellow human being. These people will undoubtedly end up at the bus plaza as a central "hang out" to loiter at.
The bus plaza is a bizarre place to me. When I am riding the bus, my goal is to arrive at my destination by minimizing my time spent on the bus. Even if I miss my transfer, the next bus is less than twenty minutes away (on a weekday). It seems I am of a minority of riders who actually use the plaza as a means to catch a bus or transfer buses. It always astounds me to see people to hanging out there. This issue of loitering is what makes it such a sketchy place to visit as people with no agenda often cause trouble for those of us that do. Getting bored and hassling people isn't fun for someone who just wants to be left alone. This is why I often leave my headphones on and ignore everyone I encounter on my commute.

To be fair, I have never had a negative experience riding the STA in Spokane. It is actually a rather convenient alternative to driving. Though its routes and frequency leave something to be desired as it typically takes three times as long to get anywhere, even if you plan your route meticulously. I hope to see it improve and plan on using it more in the future.

Hope this gave some insight into a brief thought I was having.

See you on the 33