Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Cleaning up speech or lecture in Audacity

Something I learned today: I had an audio recording of a lecture for a class I had taken which was very poor in quality. I wanted it to sound better so I did some digging on audio cleanups for voice. What I ended up finding was a neat little feature in Audacity

Here is how to make it sound better:

Install Audacity and the LAME plugin for MP3s

Import the audio file in question

File > Apply Chain > CleanSpeech > Apply to Current Project

This will do a bunch of things. It will remove long pauses, clean up the range for human speech. It doesn't seem to remove echoing, but it is much better to listen to after running this quick plugin.

I had a hard time finding this, so I figure giving something back to the Google cause would be nice.

The original posting can be found HERE. The author goes into a little more detail on what it actually does.